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Trafo Kunsthall

Drypastel and pigment on paper, PVA and PVC glue
220 x 190 x 60 cm

One by one the minuscule bubbles inaudibly burst. The steaming surface was slowly changing,

from a landscape of interconnected transparent spheres to a calm pool of liquid. Three sips of matcha tea later and long before the entropic process was complete, I put the empty cup down and continued browsing a set of images recently taken by a car-sized robotic rover currently exploring the Murray Buttes region of the planet Mars. The light reflecting off the rock formation was captured, digitalized and uploaded to a orbiting satellite and transmitted to Earth at a constant 128.000 bits per second, over a distance of 54.6 million kilometers. The picture that held my attention for the longest was of a rock wall, formed and buried, chemically changed by groundwater, exhumed and eroded. «Never has beige been so mesmerizing.» Or so the image description said. The red planet wasn’t red, and the canals that Giovanni observed one hundred and thirty years ago was a mere optical illusion. What we had was layers and layers of beige rock, slowly being blown to dust by gusts of wind.